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The Wacky Whistle

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A Wacky Whistle is an amazing whistle that fits in the roof of your mouth and changes your voice to a high octave allowing you to make awesome sound effects! You can make an assortment of animal noises including: monkey, cat, owl, dog, parrot, and frog among others. You can make the revving sound of a motorcycle or pretend to be a DJ scratching records. It's a bird call and simultaneously a funny aid to make a wolf whistle. Just by changing the shape of your mouth and the air you blow against the whistle the variation of sounds you can make is only limited by your own imagination You will surely see why this whistle is fast becoming the number one Toy to have. It's great fun at parties or any event. Kids, Adults, Pranksters, Beatboxers, Speech Therapists, Dog Groomers, Clowns, Jugglers, and of course Furries...just about everyone would have a great time with a Wacky Whistle. Check out TheWhistleGirl on her viral TikTok video for examples! Follow her on social media for more instructional videos.